Results: Tuition Test - Nov 2019 (released)

Hello dear students and parents,
     The AK Tuition has released the results of Tuition Test - November 2019 on November 10, 2019. There were 38 participants from the classes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Mathematics Test - September 2019 announced

All students are judged by their percentage not the classes means only one of them is the first in all.

Still I found many students so weak those learnt just a few things in the school or in the tuition. I am trying my best to improve their skills but don't know why I'm not getting expected results.

This time the first rank student is from the class 6 and he is Mr Affan s/o Dr Rashid.

I had a deep trust in some of the students especially in 10th class but they couldn't be passed. I want all of them to work smartly for being a good students.

Now, let me show you the list of all the students with their scored marks in descending order but before I show you the list, I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to the first, second and third rank students.
Here is the list or result sheet of all the students participated in the TEST:

It was the first chance for many students that's why they took it easy and didn't work hard nor revised the syllabus I taught. Now, I announce the NEXT TEST on first or second Sunday of January 2020.

A Few Words About The Winners:

AFFAN (Class 6) First Position Winner

Before examining the test, I have no idea about him but due to his hard work and dedication she managed to get first position. Affan is a very hardworking and skilled student.

AFRAZ (Class 8) Second Position Winner

I guessed that Afraz's hard work and dedication might have secured first position, but upon examining the test, I found that he was the second position winner. I really appreciate his hard work. He is really a brilliant student.

SAMEER (Class 8) Third Position Winner

Sameer is a very good student and now he is focusing on his studies very well. Before examining the test, I have no idea about him but he deserves to be 3rd.

Here is my brief advice for all the students to progress in future. It's not only for the weak students but also for the toppers:-

● Check and recall the things you learnt.
● Be punctual means work on time.
● Try to compete with upper level students.
● Ask your doubts.
● Be habitual of reading.
● Self study at home.
● Learn the methods not the questions.
● Listen to the teacher attentively.
● Note each and every important things.

That's all... !

If still have any queries, suggestions or complaint, comment me in the comments below or the contact form.

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