Results announced: Mathematics Test - September 2019

Hello dear students and parents,
     The AK Tuition has announced the results of Mathematics Test - SEPTEMBER 2019 on September 21, 2019. There were 20 participants from the classes 6, 8, 9 and 10.

Mathematics Test - September 2019 announced

All students are judged by their percentage not the classes means only one of them is the first in all. According to my words the result have announced on September 20, 2019 but due to some problems it couldn't be done.

Still I found many students so weak those learnt nothing in the school nor in the tuition. I will try concentrating on them personally if they can understand my words, my way of teaching otherwise I'll have to send them out of my tuition permanently.

Before I checked the Tests I truly guessed the first position student either Jenab or Fardeen but none of them couldn't achieve the first rank. The first one is someone else and she is NAYLA from the class 10.

I had a deep trust in some of the students but they couldn't be passed. By the way, I have different types of students so good, average and so bad in their studies. I want all of them to work smartly for being a good students.

Now, let me show you the list of all the students with their obtained marks in descending order but before I show you the list, I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to the first, second and third rank students.
Here is the list or result sheet of all the students participated in the TEST:

It was the first chance for many students that's why they took it easy and didn't work hard nor revised the syllabus I taught. Now, I announce the NEXT TEST on November 3, 2019 (first Sunday of November).

A Few Words About The Winners:

NAYLA (Class 10) First Position Winner

Before examining the test, I thought that she could get third or fourth position but due to her hard work and dedication she managed to get first place. Nayla is a very hardworking and skilled girl. I was mistaken in understanding her, it could mean that seeing him, it cannot be said with certainty at what level she is.

Fardeen (Class 10) Second Position Winner

I guessed that Fardeen's hard work and dedication might have secured first position, but upon examining the test, I found that he was the second position winner. However, on rechecking the test, he gained 1 mark which made him equal to the first position winner. Thus, Fardeen is the first, despite being the second winner.

Jenab (Class 10) Third Position Winner

Jenab is a very brilliant and sharp minded girl, who does not delay in asking for something. Before examining the test, I thought that she could get first position, but I don't know how she was just at 32 marks.

Here is my brief advice for all the students to progress in future. It's not only for the weak students but also for the toppers:-

Check and recall the things you learnt.
● Be punctual means work on time.
● Try to compete with upper level students.
● Ask your doubts.
● Be habitual of reading.
● Self study at home.
● Learn the methods not the questions.
● Listen to the teacher attentively.
● Note each and every important things.

That's all... !
If still have any queries, suggestions or complaint, comment me in the comments below or the contact form.

Thanks for being here...😎

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