Active and Passive Voice of Imperative Sentences

Dear students and learners, you might have read the article about Active voice and Passive voice in which I taught about how an active voice sentence is converted into passive voice. In this article you will learn how imperative sentences are converted into passive voice.

English Grammar

Imperative sentences

Sentences those denotes the command, order or anything that says to do something. For example -

● Complete your homework.
● Fetch me a glass of water.
● Listed me carefully.
● Don't argue with me.
● Do it on time.

In all of above sentences you can see something is ordered or said strictly. Such kind of sentences are called Imperative Sentences.

Imperative sentences into Passive sentences
Before you start learning about it, I would like to tell you the rule for conversion.

Rule: Let + Subject + be + Verb(3rd form) + Adverb (other word).

Let's take some imperative sentences to convert into Passive voice.

(i) Recite this poem loudly.
(ii) Put the jug there.
(iii) Speak frankly.
(iv) Clean the room entirely.
(v) Hit the ball hardly.

Active & Passive voice of Imperative sentences - Grammar

These imperative sentences are in Active voice, we shall convert these all into passive voice according to the rule give above. One more thing I would like to clear here for your convenience that Imperative sentences have always two parts (i) Verb and (ii) Subject. Sometimes it may have 3rd part as an Adverb or other word.
Let's understand it with an example.

Return my money right now.

Verb is the first word of the sentence (Return) and the remaining part of the sentence is Subject (my money right now).

Now, let's convert all imperative sentences into passive voice. Note that A.V. means Active and P.V. means Passive voice.
A.V. -  (i) Recite this poem loudly.
P.V. - Let this poem be recited loudly.

A.V. - (ii) Put the jug there.
P.V. - Let the jug be put there.

A.V. - (iii) Speak frankly.
P.V. - Let frankly be spoken.

A.V. - (iv) Clean the room entirely.
P.V. - Let the room be cleaned entirely.

A.V. - (v) Hit the ball hardly.
P.V. - Let the ball be hit hardly.

I hope you got it properly or still have any suggestion/query?? Let me know in the comment section below.

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