Result of Maths Test - November 2018 | Released on 10th November 😱

Hello dear students !
    I know you are so anxious to know you Maths Test Result but as I (Arif Khan) intimated you the date and timing of the Results is the same. 

The AK Tuition has released the Results of 'Maths Test - November 2018' on 10th November (Saturday). You will be glad to know that 8 students out of 13 are passed with good aggregates. I, Arif Khan (Tutor) personally Congratulate Top 3 winners of The AK Tuition because it's really a good thing which they achieved. They are my best students who made my Tuition's name proud. 

So, without wasting anymore time let me show the Results of All the students which they are waiting for. Before you see the results note that these marks are given out of 50 and Passing Criteria is 40% means 20/50

                   Result of Maths Test

Sr. No     Name        Class        Marks    Per%
   01        Jatin             IX              37            74%
   ‎02        Mehtab        IX              33            66%
   ‎03        Nayla            IX              33            66%
   ‎04        Afraz             VII            27            54%
   ‎04        Fardeen       IX              25            50%
   ‎05        Arshad         VIII           25            50%
   ‎07        Bushra          IX             21            42%
   ‎08        Samad           VIII          20            40%
   09        Taj                   X              17           34%
   ‎09        Kaif                VI             15            30%
   ‎10        Zoya               X              13            26%
   ‎11        Mantasha     IX             12            24%
   ‎13        Sami               IX             02           04%

A few words for the Toppers  🚀

Jatin Malik   [ First Position ] 

He is one of the best student of The AK Tuition because he has been the topper multiple times. He is really a good student in all subjects. I hope he will keep it up for the bright future. At present he is a 9th standard student.

Mehtab & Nayla  [ Second Position ]

These two students have achieved the second position in the Test. They are also very hard working and curious students. They have skills to learn new things so fast. They are also 9th standard students.

Afraz   [ Third Position ]

He is really a genius guy I met in my lifetime because he is just a kid but he has god-gifted brilliance. He is good at all the subjects and has strict command at English and Maths. He is a 7th standard student. His age is just 11-12 years only.

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