Difference between Regular and SOL Colleges of Delhi University

Delhi University is an international university which has number of college centres in Delhi and taught by high qualified professors. Educational faculties are pretty good but the system is not good as well. Delhi University provides Regular and Open Classes both. As I heard saying people that there is no difference between regular and SOL degree but today I will clear all of your doubts regarding regular and SOL classes and degrees. A number of my friends consulted me for their future and choosing one of Regular and SOL college of Delhi University. I always advise them to choose Regular college. Do you know why do I say so? Let me tell couple of reasons why you should not choose SOL college of Delhi University if you want your future successful.

Why should I not choose SOL college of Delhi University instead of Regular college?

Delhi University is one of best university of India but its system treat Regular and SOL students differently. They discriminate with the SOL students. SOL students have to face lots of difficulties. University provides only 20 classes in which students are filled like a crowd where study is not possible. Therefore most of the students left taking classes there to save their precious time. Neither students don't receive SMS regarding Study Material collection nor about classes beginning. Students anxious about taking classes spend 200-300 rupees for coming to the college. Students have to change multiple buses. Guard don't let enter the students if get some late. Now the SOL students demands are getting enough seats, all route bus pass, right to study in the library of the centre. Here is how I am saying the same :-

Facilities for the Regular college students of Delhi University?

● 180 days class per year
● New session starts from July
● 80 college centres for 1.5 lakh students
● All route bus pass
● Result declares on time
● Anti-sexual harassment committee against ragging, snatching and girls safety
● Syllabus updated thrice within last 10 years
● Laptop/Computer Lab facility for the students
● 80 Libraries for 1.5 lakh students
● Free Wi-Fi in each college
● Crores of rupees are spent on FEST per year

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Facilities for SOL college students of Delhi University?

● 20 days classes only per year
● New session starts from December
● 35 college centres for 5 lakh students
● One route bus pass
● 1 year waste and 80% students fail due to late results
● No committee for students protection
● Same syllabus since last 20 year
● Not any Lab facility
● Single library for 5 lakh students
● Wi-Fi connection remains off knowing
● No FEST expenditure

Now you may have known why you shouldn't choose SOL option in Delhi University. There is a Delhi University students Union group which always try to change this system and make the system more compatible for the SOL students. If you are a SOL student or want to help in changing the system for better learning in Delhi University you can Join and support Krantikari Yuva Sangathan (KYS) facebook group
You can contact to the senior members of the group -
Harish           :  9953132396
Shahnawaz  :  8285894541
Dinesh          :  9599424293

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